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KINDERSTEAM Volunteer Opportunities

Written by School of Fashion | Mar 31, 2016.

This month, KinderSTEAM is excited to offer volunteer opportunities with two K-12 organizations in New York, BioBus and The Blue School.

The BioBus research grade mobile science lab and the BioBase research grade community science labs give(s) students a chance to learn with PhD and Masters-level scientists through their STEM programs. For more info, check their website. They are looking for a student volunteer who would be willing to assist in their seven-week semester course, Science Sisters. The course focuses on teaching the students reproduction in Biology.

Job Description:
The volunteer will help come up with ideas to incorporate an artistic element that represents the curriculum so that the students can engage in the scientific information they are learning. They must be willing to take two to three visits to the BioBase. For more information on the course and curriculum, click here.

The Blue School:
The Blue School is a dynamically balanced education for seriously curious young people, that provides a range of integrated academic, social, and creative experiences for students. For more info, check out their website. They are looking for a student volunteer who would be willing to assist in their Production class. In this class, students ages 6-14 will be working on STEAM related projects.

Job Description:
The volunteer will help teach and engage the students in the Design Process through hands-on constructions. They must be willing to work 1-2x a week (3-5 hours per week or more if desired).

If you are interested in these opportunities, please submit your resume to: by April 1, 2016. For more information on this organization, check out their New School page, or Facebook.


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