Parsons 2017 Fashion Benefit

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Student Lab

A Class Act: Professor Wevly Wilson

 by Erin Schmidt, Fashion Publishing   One would never guess that Professor Wevly Wilson was anti-fashion as a child. “I was a tomboy. I wore sneakers. Nike. I did not wear dress shoes. I was super not into shoes, so for me to be a shoe designer is kind of weird. I was really not […]

A Force of Nature: Parsons designer Katharine Kmiecik

By Russell Howe, Fashion Publishing alum Azure: the color of the unknown, yet iridescent water of the ocean. Designer Katharine Kmiecik says, “I was inspired by the hesitation and mysticism that comes from our perception of the ocean. By bridging a fear of the ocean with the magic that it inspires in our minds, I […]

Parsons Presents!

 by Carolina Perez, Fashion Publishing   The moment has arrived at Parsons! Those four years of hard work, no sleep, some tears, or even having a mini-breakdown because you didn’t meet your deadline are done! I had the privilege of seeing the afternoon presentations on May 8, along with potential future employers and customers– all […]

Stitching America Back Together: Why Designers Should Produce Their Clothes Locally

By Katherine George, Intro to Journalism, Eugene Lang Too many times we hear about unfortunate conditions in overseas garment factories. Even more disappointing, it often takes a tragedy, a deathly fire for instance, to unearth these consequential conditions. While slowly waiting for all of the poorly maintained factories to catch fire may seem like one […]

Congrats to Jackie Sepp, for her Harper’s Bazaar story!

Fashion Publishing’s Jackie Sepp gets a Harper’s Bazaar byline today! “How to Shop Vintage”… check it out…

Dave Ortiz Talks BMX, Branding, and the Artistic Process

by Russell Howe, Fashion Publishing World-renowned BMX star and former Zoo York designer Dave Ortiz has no definitive profession. Artist, athlete, designer, and business owner are just a few of the titles that make Dave one of the coolest New Yorkers in town. Having just wrapped up a twenty-year art retrospective at the prestigious ArtNowNY […]

Queen VB Visits Parsons

by Jackie Sepp, Fashion Publishing Victoria Beckham opened up to Parsons students with her advice on business and plans for expansion during her conversation with Dean Collins. The day after she presented her Fall/Winter 2014 collection at New York Fashion Week, designer Victoria Beckham came to Parsons for a conversation with Dean Collins. And although […]

#NYFW: FTL Moda and Art Hearts Foundation

by Katie DeAngelis   From bright hues on silky dresses to dark coats that fully covered male models figures, the FTL Moda and Art Hearts Foundation, two organizations featuring international designers, put together a fashion show that showcased a wide variety of garments to help close Mercedes Benz Fashion Week this past Thursday. The question that […]

Fashion Plagiarism: Invalidating Designers or Boosting Their Credibility?

by Stephanie Farrell, Parsons Fashion Marketing Fashion month is always an exciting time. New designs and designers are emerging and I’m reminded of the extraordinary talent already involved in our industry. Unfortunately, it’s also the month where companies like Zara, H&M and Nasty Gal choose all of their favorite designs to reproduce at a fraction […]

New Kids on the Block

by Katie George Congratulations, Fashion Design Majors: You Are Eligible For An Upgrade! Released from the confines of a small five-story building in midtown, the fashion design students at Parsons The New School For Design are immersed in a polar opposite world known as the University Center. After fifty years of calling the David M. Schwartz […]