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Written by Timo Rissanen | Aug 10, 2010.

Over the summer I had the pleasure of meeting Outi Pyy, the Finnish designer and author behind the blog Outsapop. The blog is dedicated to DIY fashion, with Outi posting inspirational images almost daily alongside detailed tutorials. She also sells shredded striped Marimekko t-shirts through her Etsy store (see the tees on Flickr), and in the spirit of sharing so characteristic of sustainability thinking in fashion, has revealed the quickest way to shred a t-shirt. I should note that these t-shirts are revered design icons in Finland, so trashing them might to some seem like sacrilege. In her book Kate Fletcher criticizes the elevation of fashion designers to genius status, as this often results in fashion garments being regarded as untouchable, complete entities, thereby discouraging customization and personalization. These acts nevertheless have the power of building stronger connections between wearer and garment, potentially leading to longer and more meaningful relationships with the clothes we own and wear. I of course purchased one of the shredded t-shirts from Outi. The sleeve binds didn’t work on me and while I still hesitate to hack into designer pieces, the shredding by Outi made this easier; in a way the garment was already ‘destroyed’ so taking scissors to it was easy. In my forthcoming book Shaping Sustainable Fashion I’ve discussed designing an element of ‘disturbance’ into garments, as this may make it easier for wearers to personalize, repair and alter garments without devaluing the garment in the process. It’s perhaps just one of many possible strategies but one nevertheless worth keeping in mind while designing.

Outi is coming to NYC in a month so look out for her take on DIY and fashion here!

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  1. I read the story about your soon-to-be published book in the New York Times. I am a visual artist who uses discarded clothing and textile remnants as my medium. I use no paint. My art work has been shown at the American Folk Art Museum in NYC, and in numerous other museums and galleries throughout the USA. I thought you might be interested in this work. I would love to have a show at Parsons.

    Aug 15, 2010 @ 9:35 pm

  2. Dear Linda,
    Thanks so much for the comment; what fabulous work you do! I’ll be in touch soon as I’d like to write about your work for my personal blog. Thanks again!

    Aug 16, 2010 @ 5:46 am


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